Common Rail 0445120219 Injector Encyclopedia Knowledge

by 30/11/2022

Fuel injector 0445120219 is the most critical and complex part in common rail system, and it is also the most difficult part in design and process. By controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, the ECU injects the fuel in the high-pressure fuel rail into the combustion chamber with the best fuel injection timing, fuel injection quantity and fuel injection rate.


In order to achieve an effective of 0445120219 injector’s fuel injection starting point and precise fuel injection quantity, common rail system uses a special fuel injector with hydraulic servo system and electronic control element (solenoid valve).


The fuel injector 0445120219 is composed of an orifice nozzle which similar to traditional fuel injector, a hydraulic servo system (control piston, control metering hole, etc.), a solenoid valve, etc.



0445120219 Injector’s Quality Control 


  1. Injector Testing
  2. All injector spare parts are tested for electrical characteristics, accuracy, high temperature, low temperature, withstand voltage, leakage, durability, and various working conditions.
  3. Injector Assembling
  4. And the quality control of the injector production and installation process, our company strictly follows the standard product installation data and product installation steps to install, such as injector stroke test, injector solenoid valve tightening torque, injector nozzle tightening torque,
  5. Injector Inspection
  6. The factory inspection of the injector is undergone full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection three inspections. Different brands of test benches are used to test the same fuel injector for a total of no less than three times for factory inspection, and the fuel injector installation testing environment are progressed in dust-free workshop.



0445120219 Injector’s Part Number Location

The injector part number of 21006085 shows as follows:

Common Rail 0445120219 Injector

No. Name
A brand, logo, part number,

series number

B nozzle part number


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